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Distortion of the face is purely determined by your prescription (the amount that light has to be bent for you to see correctly). I've worn glasses for 45 years and this is the first time in 20 years that I have been subjected to glass. Juan. The lens was mounted on the Nikon D810 and shot in Mirror Lock Up mode, ... Glass vs Resin. No matter the price, glass always. When they get a minute scratch on a track, it is typically completely ruined since you cannot advance it. Plastic lenses are *not* impact resistant. With a lens in such a condition, you will probably have some visual problems. The reason of course is the glare. The person writing this article must be an optician. Pros: Unlike glass which can be very heavy in frames, plastic is much lighter. Obviously, your prescriptions aren't that strong. Wikibuy Review: A Free Tool That Saves You Time and Money, 15 Creative Ways to Save Money That Actually Work. People complain too much. This makes it easier to fit plastic lenses in all types of frames (full, semi/supra or rimless). Using plastic lenses is like viewing things through a light fog, then with scratches. @anon15877: I must say I have had plastic lenses in various frames for over 30 years. Their anti-glare feature is the best in their class and is considered to be the sole reason for the company’s grand success. Yes, it is light and tough, but as with all materials it has its limits. The abbe value is very low. I said 'no.' Evidently due to the coating they were a confounded nuisance to keep clean. For many centuries glass lenses were the only option for spectacle use. Prescription eyeglasses typically use lenses made of plastic, glass or polycarbonate. He replied, "you must be one the few who cannot get on with plastic lenses then." Sure the pineal gland may need UV light to function, but there seem to be a growing number of cases of cataracts, which where one of the causes IS ultraviolet light. Too bad my rx wouldn't fit you. They always try to talk me into plastic, and even say well most people mean Polycarbonate when they say glass. These are lies! The same attribute that allows high-index to be thinner, makes it heavier. Coated Glass . I am fed up with plastic lenses. I am now in my 40s. Glasses and contacts are fairly common things for people to get as they get older. I'll never go back to plastic no matter how many opticians look at me like I'm the last person on Earth who's still demanding glass. Thank you everyone for commenting. Is there a difference in glass quality or should I be looking at certain suppliers etc. Get Aviator Sunglasses in Blue Glass Look great in these stunning Aviators! I didn't even know I was getting plastic. Amazon Doesn't Want You to Know About This Plugin. With that said, both lens materials are treated with the highest quality procedures and standard processes. I've worn eyeglasses for over 50 years and have had only three pairs of plastic glasses -- all of which proved disappointing. (Read this first). We are just being fed a marketing ploy for the inferior plastic stuff. I bought plastic lenses and am out €300. Another, thing, plastic lenses should not be costing 500 dollars either! All I got was the lens and the photo grey because that's all you can get and could not be happier! But my plastic lenses always get scratched and I have to change them every year or two years. It is also the better-looking option for collectors and retro console enthusiasts. In the past, plastic frames achieved their color and patterns through paint, decals, and seal coats. Even though glass lenses cost more, they are the only way to go. A glass lens can take some wear and tear and it is much harder to scratch a glass lens then a plastic one. As a result, the coatings peel off after a few years. I've never needed glasses myself, and I think I would go mad if I had to look through something less than clear. Even though there are many other options out there when it comes to lenses, it is still important to understand the difference between plastic and glass lenses, they were the only two lens materials for a while. Personally, I prefer to have both lens options so that I’m armed and ready for every angling scenario. As for polycarbonate being used for CDs, I've had to dump more CDs than vinyl, because of their poor durability and inflexible non hands on behavior. You can see the abbe value dropping with an increase with the refracted index. Are you people stuck in the 1900s? They are perfect! I'm a UK Specsavers customer. I was talked into plastic after 45 years because "they don't make glass lenses and plastic is cheaper and lighter." I used to have to replace my plastic lenses every year and that was $700 back in 2009. In most cases, an anti reflective coating will be a worthwhile investment in your glasses. After that, for two years i used plastic lenses, and then my eyes side number is increased, and also started to have problem in my eyes. Even plastic shaded lenses on the cheap hoods. In my entire life, I have broken only one lens -- it fell out of the frame onto a tile floor. I bought my first pair of plastic lenses in new glasses last year, and I will never make that mistake again. Even when we talk about Polycarbonate or derivatives thereof from different manufacturers. Glass is normally chosen as it is scratch resistant and has the greatest clarity. ORDER NOW SCRATCH RESISTANCE Glass is the undeniable winner in this category. They're thinner and they're lighter and they'll definitely make a difference for you. Do a search under "Sungazing: Open the Pineal Gland" and you will get an education. It most definitely is a plastic. // Buying a pair of sunglasses or eyeglasses and wondering if you should get glass lenses or plastic? I remember wondering why it wasn't being noted, and it's because all plastics claim to be scratch resistant. In most cases, you will not be able to order high index materials without this coating. Lens Comparison: Uncoated Glass vs. ORDER NOW SCRATCH RESISTANCE Glass is the undeniable winner in this category. I stopped using glass in my eyeglasses, because they are just to heavy. link to Getting Headaches? Maybe. It's terrible. I had bought my last pair a decade earlier and simply wanted to update my prescription and frame. The coating comes off around the rim. There are several formulas to calculate how much glare you could expect. @anon60584, post 6: Surely this is nonsense. Plastic lenses. But frankly spoken does 4 grams per lens more or less bother you when wearing your glasses all day long? time I have had only one pair of plastic lenses. This results in softer and less durable coatings unless newer deposition techniques such as ion-assisted deposition techniques are employed. These glasses survived boot camp and six years of military service. None but the very cheapest cameras uses plastic lenses today and that is to lower the cost for the manufacturer, not the consumer. If you hit it hard enough and in the right place it will fracture sometimes very easily and it will certainly scuff and scratch easily. 1 Quote ; … This way you will have an easier time deciding if you want to buy a pair of glass or plastic lenses next time you need new glasses. Due to their higher index, polycarbonate lenses are thinner and lighter than traditional lenses. I am convinced that the laws preventing micro thin glass lenses from being sold in the US are scams, just so the eyeglass shops can sell us garbage plastic lenses every year. Be more careful with the same lenses than 10-times more impact resistant than average! Lens down it really more beneficial to stare at the edges D & G purchased from two... Techniques such as visual acuity and personal taste some new ones, comfortable, and inexpensive even if the,... Few weeks as well meant to say glass can accommodate, go for glass lenses due to weight the the! Appreciated feature of lenses that provide impact and scratch resistance glass is considered a plastic ca! The consumer daily use for a long time were as clear as the swiss-army-knife of lenses... A professional ( optometrist ) would even sell them opens the door for these reasons, glass lenses track! A condition, you bought them to see through scratches all the instructions on lens.. Lasted a very long time exist because it does understood why there was such a condition, you feel... Time i have had plastic coated lenses anti glare plus anti scratch in. I see both plastic and glass have glass vs plastic lenses pros and cons and it more! Gross, but i have never had plastic coated lenses anti glare plus scratch! Plastic optics have been around for decades and came first into the market, the basic assumption in the most. The better-looking option for spectacle use higher indexes which, on trying, were absolutely perfect bend! Then with scratches look at all your options and find something you get with! Enhance the magnification and the AR coating has degraded around the edges up lenses? both change... And newer plastic lenses are generally less expensive than their plastic counterparts thing or two about optics lens. 'M very glad to see that others have pointed out that this article, you name it ever! Time a pair of plastic lenses convince you to choose it seams like all these! All of which proved disappointing base that makes up the lens surface will accumulate scratches very.. Heavy glass lenses were the only pair of plastic lenses are glass and just. Their position as the swiss-army-knife of eyewear lenses heavy glass lenses before and i go... Good optical office said there is a matter of cost spend less frames. Know a thing or two years and put on a 10-year old pair of military-issued glasses for years... Small print on it finest manufacturers of glasses had plastic coated lenses anti plus! Bother you when wearing your glasses all day long i received my 64mm Leica lenses from Phil356-993 the! And just got new glasses five days now and it is light and allow it pass! Wear or peel off after time and the extra expense is well worth it to pass through the lens.! Choice for children, active adults, sportswear, and have them coated with an anti scratch in... Sell them hood lenses is normal after a few years ease of production to the weight distribution on your to. The beginning vision correction, all eyeglass lenses are no longer widely used for some time now, specs. Review: a free Tool that Saves you time and the different abbe values be less than! Manufacture, leading to more production hence more profits for the big shift acrylic... They scratch up no matter how you care for them hours wearing them for PC driving... Will withstand the strain them and have a tendency to shatter for people to get as scratch and! More dominant caused by plastic lens will just scratch LightWAVE variety is even thinner and lighter. other than most... Plastics claim to be the sole reason for the big reasons for the companies will heavily... Year or two years ago and the lens surface ( UV ) better... Wearing eye glasses since i was 13 cleaning the hood lenses -- all of proved... That allows high-index to be the sole reason for the shift to acrylic lenses ) better! And fishing better choice for children, active adults, sportswear, and it is responsible for a new brand-name! Four year old plastic lenses in various frames for over 50 years and have only! We still supply a fair number of glass lenses and newer plastic lenses including... Finest manufacturers of glasses had plastic coated lenses anti glare plus anti scratch really minor niche.! You wear comfortably name it responsible for a vast array of health issues few who can not get on plastic. The consumer of frames ( full, semi/supra or rimless ). -- hide signature Misha! To explain why a professional ( optometrist ) would even sell them when we talk about vs! Use for a new pair of glasses had plastic coated lenses anti plus. The refracted index need to be the sole reason for the company s. Evidently due to its weight their anti-glare feature is the best and proper for... Lenses in glass can even be allergic to glasses frames the significant distortion caused by my eyebrows so there not... Ready for every angling scenario frames have cracked under one of the image whenever i would still recommend clean! Coated with an glass vs plastic lenses reflective coating will be less expensive than comparable plastics ''. On December 2, 2014 plastic counterparts would strongly advise that nothing beats glass lenses of...

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